What should power transformer prevent short circuit?



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What should power transformer prevent short circuit?

What should power transformer prevent short circuit?

Power transformer and distribution network after a short circuit, often lead to transformer winding failure. Therefore, in order to improve the wind power transformer anti-burst short-circuit capability to ensure its reliable and safe operation, the following recommendations.

1. Improve the electromagnetic design. Improve the electromagnetic design, by increasing the main oil and other means to improve the short-circuit impedance of the product, so short-circuit impedance as close as possible to the maximum deviation, in order to reduce the power transformer system sudden burst short circuit fault current.

2. Improve the manufacturing process. As the winding parallel wire in the system S bend, vulnerable to damage, sharp corners, so the transposition due to insulation damage caused by a larger probability of short circuit.

3. Control the quality of the process. Increase the frequency of the laser wire into the warehouse sampling inspection, the paper wire electromagnetism of the bare conductor should be smooth, no sharp corners and burrs, the insulation should be intact.

Power transformer must be reinforced insulation, insulated paper slot should be pad is mat, mat; and plus dennison paper, dressing should be strong, not allowed to have a suspended tape.

In summary, should be based on the work of wind power transformer. Improve the design, improve the process, and strictly control the quality of electromagnetic wire and winding process in the process of quality. Enhance the ability of the product to withstand short-circuit, so that the wind power transformer can withstand the test of the special environment of the wind farm.

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