Lighting bus duct application and development trend



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Lighting bus duct application and development trend

Lighting bus duct application and development trend

Lighting bus duct is my company in the absorption of foreign similar products on the basis of the most advanced, according to China's specific situation and independent research and development of new products, is China's construction industry lighting distribution series of a major technological breakthrough, to the vast number of users with a new Of the power supply lighting system. Lighting bus duct with the installation of fast, safe and beautiful, flexible use, power supply and other advantages.

Lighting bus duct main body:

1. Straight component shell, by the hot-dip galvanized steel sheet once drawn into a lighting bus duct skeleton carrier, both sides of the earth to protect the conductor PE line function.

2. Flat copper cable for four copper conductors.

3. Pitch one meter of the branch connection socket non-standard according to user requirements.

4. Connect the socket to ensure that the conductor in the busbar is automatically connected at the same time. The contact is a spring clip, which avoids the stress on the plastic parts.

Lighting bus duct mainly used for large shopping malls, hospitals, stations, docks, tunnels and industrial plants and other large open space lighting system.

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