Ladder type cable tray type and variety selection



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Ladder type cable tray type and variety selection

Ladder type cable tray type and variety selection

Ladder type cable tray bridge is mainly a fully enclosed cable tray, it is most suitable for the laying of computer cables, communication cables, thermocouple cables and other highly sensitive system control cable, it is the control cable shielding interference and heavy corrosion environment In the cable protection have a better effect. Ladder type cable tray cover with the tank supporting the supply, other accessories and cascade, tray-type bridge common.

Strong corrosive environment should be used ladder type cable tray. Arm, bracket also use the same material to improve the service life of the bridge and accessories. Ladder type cable tray can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, power, light industry, television, telecommunications, coal and other aspects of the laying of cables. They have a beautiful shape, simple structure, easy installation and so on.

Ladder type cable tray are suitable for power cable requirements, but also for the control of the cable laying, but also in the use of partitions after the same layer of cable bridge laying power cable and control cable. Ladder type cable tray its surface treatment is divided into electrostatic spraying, galvanized, hot dip zinc and galvanized after spraying four, can be used for different environments, in heavy corrosion environment should be special anti-corrosion treatment.

The existing network bridge open structure not only allows the cable to maximize the ventilation and heat, save energy, optimize cable performance, but also to prevent water, dust, debris accumulation, bacteria is not easy to breed, cleaner, Fire or other safety hazards.

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